Photography the top tool for real estate agents

Photography the top tool for real estate agents

– Photos by Mink Property

Property photography company Top Snap asked 600 Australian real estate agents about how they market properties, and a whopping 99% said nothing beats good photography.

It’s something most of us know instinctively, whether we’ve been browsing for homes, proudly showing off our own for sale, or just admiring and dreaming.

Good looking images, that show off a home at its best, entice us to look closer.

One responsent commented: “Professional photography is 100% essential to marketing any home, at any price range in any location. I will not put a home on the market without the highest quality photography. It attracts more buyers and therefore a higher sale price for our owners.”

Another highlighted that great images are synonymous with professional property sales: “Good photography can be the difference between a purchaser opening a web link or moving on to the next. Additionally, the way an office markets property directly reflects their professionalism to the public.”

Agents said beautiful photography:

  • attracts more buyers (89%)
  • increases enquiries (79%)
  • increased clicks to their online listings (68%)
  • secure a higher selling price (52%)

“The survey results demonstrate how almost every agent now recognises the importance of professional photography, along with a range of other tools, in successfully marketing their listings,” said Top Snap’s General Manager, Helen Clarke.

Other marketing tools agents consider important are floor plans (84%), site plans (67%), copywriting (65%), virtual tours (63%), virtual furniture (56%) and property video (21%).


At Mink Property we focus on marketing, we incorporate exceptionally high quality photos, videos and floor plans in our marketing campaigns and it works very well. It is niot uncommon to sell properties in under 2 weeks.

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